Have you outgrown your warehouse?

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Growth as a business is great but it can also create headaches if not managed well.How has your growth as an ecommerce fulfilment/ logistics/ distribution business affected your ability to maintain efficient and cost effective throughput? Listed below are a few of the issues we see as the catalyst to our conversations with owners and … Continue reading

Head Office has moved to Wheathampstead

Our Head Office has now moved from St Albans to Wheathampstead.  As it was a move of just a few miles, we have been able to keep our telephone and fax numbers, which makes it really easy for all our customers to keep in touch with us.  The new address is Riverdale House, 19-21 High … Continue reading

New Cleanrooms Brochure

We have just published a new brochure, detailing everything that you need to know about Cleanrooms.  It covers all the types of projects that we can provide for you, including Hardwall and Modular Enclosure, Softwall Areas and CMM Rooms, and Laboratory Fit Outs and furniture. It also covers associated works to comply with your facility, … Continue reading

Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations & Requirements: What You Need to Know

Contents Introduction 1.1.    What is a Mezzanine Floor? 1.2.    Why Build a Mezzanine Floor? Do I Need Planning Permission? Statutory Requirements 3.1.    Building Regulations 3.2.    Structure 3.3.    Fire Safety 3.4.    Protection Against Falling 3.5.    Accessibility Floor Loading Requirements Frequently Asked Questions   Chapter One: Introduction This guide is for you if you are planning or … Continue reading

Contractors Health and Safety (CHAS) Assessment Scheme Accreditation

Stodec are happy to announce that they have now received the CHAS accreditation and are registered on the scheme database. The systems and work practices required for this certification demonstrate that Stodec are working to a safe and correct standard for all project and site based work, within current health and safety legislation, as well … Continue reading

Stodex Structural Mezzanines – Mezzanine Floor Costs & Benefits

Benefits: 1.1       Additional space for storage, production or offices in an area that you are already paying for. 1.2       Low cost expansion, far cheaper than additional buildings, or new premises but still increasing the value of your assets. 1.3       Direct connection within the new workspace to all existing services, telephones, data, etc. 1.4       Fast installation, … Continue reading

Space – are you maximising yours?

Looking to create more space and not looking forward to the rigours of finding additional warehousing – why not consider a mezzanine floor? Mezzanine floors are designed to maximise the available space within your current premises. There are often a large areas of unused space in the buildings we currently occupy in our everyday working … Continue reading

Stodec Products A5 Catalogue 2015-2016

Please take a look at our brand new Stodec Products A5 Catalogue 2015-16 which features storage systems and equipment designed to help operations within your company. The aim of the products we supply and install is to increase productivity within your workplace, while ensuring all stock is easily accessible and stored safely.   This brochure includes: … Continue reading

Construction Systems – Speedframe

  As the name suggests, Speedframe is a quick way of building a sturdy framework which can be easily assembled by the users themselves when a bespoke product is needed. The versatility of Speedframe structures has made them a popular choice since their launch over 55 years ago. Developed by Dexion in the late 1950s/early … Continue reading

Stodex Mezzanine Floor Brochure

  Stodec Products Ltd are pleased to advise that the new Stodex Mezzanine Floor brochure has now been published. The literature is more than just the usual flyer as the content is based on our more than 30 years’ experience in this field and it contains examples of installations that we have completed over that … Continue reading