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As the name suggests, Speedframe is a quick way of building a sturdy framework which can be easily assembled by the users themselves when a bespoke product is needed. The versatility of Speedframe structures has made them a popular choice since their launch over 55 years ago. Developed by Dexion in the late 1950s/early 60s, Speedframe is still in use in its original form for a host of purposes, including:

  • Industrial benches
  • Industrial shelving systems
  • Display equipment
  • Desk framework
  • Electronics


Speedframe vs Ready-Made Alternatives

The flexibility of this option means it can be tailor-made from the most basic sketches, allowing for very quick and easy installation. Simply cut the square tubing to the required length and tap the joints gently into place using a soft faced hammer for a neat, snag-free structure.

As opposed to welded alternatives, the adaptability of the Speedframe system gives you the option to dismantle the structure and reassemble it in different configurations if required. This is of great benefit to companies which relocate on a regular basis as the system can be packed up and re-installed on the new premises easily.

The shape, weight, size and structure of standard ready-made industrial benches and shelving systems means they cannot be easily altered to suit your needs. This makes them a far less cost-effective option as they will be difficult to transport when they need repositioning or relocating.

By adding a few accessories to the Speedframe, the framework can transform into a range of made-to-measure products. For example, the shape of a simple bench framework can be easily converted into a trolley by adding four plug fitting castors and to create the handle you only require four way corner joints with a two way joint at each end of the handle.



From purchasing the materials to assembling the framework, a major benefit of Speedframe is that you can easily carry out the entire process yourself. Alternatively, assembly can be completed quickly and efficiently by trained experts on-site if required.


Features and Benefits

Speedframe boasts a long list of features and benefits which is why it has remained so popular for over 50 years. These include:

  • Ability to create different structures to your exact measurements and requirements
  • Completely bespoke and made-to-measure
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Very simple to put together, dismantle and reassemble when relocating or repositioning
  • No welding or painting required
  • Versatile with a range of components to change the framework into different products
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional ready-made alternatives
  • Screw-in feet can be attached to level or lift items from the floor making cleaning much easier



As a Dexion-approved company, our experts at Stodec specialise in providing construction and shelving systems to suit your exact requirements. All of our shelving systems are completely bespoke and flexible, so we can supply and install a storage solution designed around your business. For further information about Speedframe components, take a look at our Dexion Speedframe data sheet or go to ‘Dexion Speedframe’ in our ‘buy online’ shop at . To find out more about any of our shelving systems available nationwide, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.


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