Stodex Structural Mezzanines – Mezzanine Floor Costs & Benefits

  1. Benefits:

1.1       Additional space for storage, production or offices in an area that you are already paying for.

1.2       Low cost expansion, far cheaper than additional buildings, or new premises but still increasing the value of your assets.

1.3       Direct connection within the new workspace to all existing services, telephones, data, etc.

1.4       Fast installation, no weather hold ups.

Flexibility with ability to add to or re-locate the mezzanine to a new area or different site.

  1. Costs:

2.1       Premises factors effecting cost –

  • Accessibility & height of available area
  • Quality & strength of the existing floor slab
  • Position of fire exits, access doors, etc.

2.2       Design requirements which effect cost

  • Spacing & location of support columns
  • Load capacity required on the mezzanine level
  • Finished floor level, staircase, landing and bracing requirements
  • Fire rating requirements for the structure or to provide enclosed fire escape routes

The premises, design and use factors are interrelated so accurate costs can only be determined by a site survey or proper consideration of your specification, site drawings and use requirements.

As a general guide a straight forward design, with a 4.8kn/m² loading (100lbs ft²) on a good existing floor would be in the cost range £70m² – £80m² fully installed.

A more complex design, with wide spans and higher loadings could be in the £80 – £125m² range, depending on the special features.

In all cases Stodec can prepare the most economic and effective design using computer programmes which have data based on thousands of installations.

All floors are designed to meet fully Building Regulations (BRE Digest 437) requirements and UK structural standards such as BS 5950, BS 5395, BS 6399, EN 12871.

Beware of salesmen with off-the-cuff prices and tales of floors for £35 – £45m².  Do get a detailed quotation which matches your site and your requirements.  This is a major asset you are investing in and it must meet Regulations and Structural Rules to have future value and to be safe for your staff and products.

Stodec Products Ltd have many years’ experience in the design and installation of mezzanine floors both in the UK and on overseas sites.

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