The Effect of the General Election on Business Levels – Stodec’s View

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May is always an important month for Stodec as it corresponds with the end of our financial year, and 2015 is even more so with the general election taking place just a few weeks earlier.

Whether you are in the blue or red camp, or anticipating a highly unlikely UKIP/SNP/Green party alliance, there is always a degree of anticipation about how a possible change of government can affect short to medium term business levels.

Certainly, even the most politically minded amongst us would welcome back the normal television schedule and a return to hearing the ‘rest of the news’, but regardless of the outcome, we at Stodec firmly believe that the good times are just around the corner and hopefully not parked behind the Lib Dems campaign bus!

Stodec would, however, very much welcome the assistance of any customer wanting to prove that the politicians predictions are not just hot air, by placing any large orders for a quick delivery.
Simply contact our friendly team today for further information or to arrange an order – we are always happy to help with any enquiry.

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