Mezzanine Floors: Using Space Already Paid For

Mezzanine Floors

Fast installation and cost effective designs mean that mezzanine floors are usually the first consideration for businesses looking to increase their workspace.

Stodec have been installing mezzanine floors throughout the UK, and on many overseas sites, for more than 25 years.  Many of the installations will almost double the available floor space of the original premises.

Advantages of a mezzanine floor structure include:

– Increased storage, work or office space

– Versatile designs to fit your premises

– Economical steel structure designed by computer to match your loads

– Fast installation planned to minimise disruption to your existing area


Structural Composition of Mezzanine Floors

As the design of every building is different and every customer has their own individual requirements, each mezzanine floor is a bespoke solution.  A thorough site survey and inspection will be carried out to determine where the mezzanine floor will be located on the premises and how the columns will fit into the existing structure.

At Stodec we provide a free site survey to design a mezzanine floor tailored to your exact

requirements and the needs of the premises. All our mezzanine solutions are freestanding, so there is no structural support required from the existing building. We provide:

– stairways


pallet gates

– a range of decking materials

– fully detailed structural calculations and drawings


Mezzanine Floor Structure & Loadbearing

It’s important that the correct regulations are followed to ensure the mezzanine floor can support the required weight load:

– General Industrial Storage: 4.8kN/m2

– Heavy Industrial Storage: 10kN/m2

– Retail: 4.0kN/m2

Office Use: 3.5kN/m2


As a superior storage solution, mezzanine flooring can be used to support:

– shelving

– racking

– partitioning and office areas

– plant and equipment such as HVAC

production machinery


However, the purpose of your mezzanine flooring must be established prior to installation to ensure it is a suitable design to support the required load.


Mezzanine Floor Structure & Safety

As a SEMA member, our team at Stodec are dedicated to installing stable, safe and functional mezzanine floors with the proper structure to hold the appropriate load. We understand that any work involving people or equipment at a significant height is a health and safety consideration, which is why we conform to all official regulations for complete safety.


Mezzanine Structures and Building Regulations

All mezzanine flooring structures must strictly adhere to UK building regulations, in particular BS5950 part 1 and BS6399 part 5, to ensure all essential safety features are covered when installing steel loading structures, such as:

– fire escapes and protection

– smoke detectors

– calculation of loads imposed on existing floors

– full specification of all structural components and their suitability for the loads imposed


With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our mezzanine flooring offers a range of benefits for commercial business owners. We provide quick onsite installations, promising minimal disruption to the rest of the premises while adhering to the relevant building and health and safety regulations. Simply contact our expert team today for further information about any of our services.


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